Friday, August 14, 2009

This tale's got no head or tail..
But this is how it goes..
Brothers of a kind..

Lived merrily close..

Together they slept..

Together they rose..

Shared food, shared water..
Even the air from the nose!

In came a pretty intruder..
And conflict grows..

Men being men..

excitement overdose!

One tugged her hand..

The other pulled her toes..

Yet other got the waist..
One clinged to her skirt's bows..

Some sang love in groups..

Solo performances some chose..
But each in its way..

Screamed hard so she knows..

She was a bit too promiscuous..

More than one she chose..
One must always have backups..

Never know when wrong something goes..

Variety be the spice of life..
As she already knows..
Picked the uniquest most..
The commons she dispose..

Brothers more alike of the kind..

Lost in the crowd sat morose..
While the smart and loud and clear..

Struck the winning pose!

Each note of their songs..
All their highs, All their lows..

Along with their lady's name..
In files in golden letters.. forever glows!

An ode to extracellular single unit recordings in the olfactory bulb! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some to be Stuart the little..

Some to Tom's adorable Jerry be..

Some the Scrabbers of some obscure Ron.. 
   Some the Remy of Ratatouille..

Some to hunt for scraps of food and cheese..

Raiders of the road, wild n free..

And some to be bred and fed.. and Martyred.. 

In the glory of science by people like me..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Once upon a time..

She walked ahead, He walked behind..
A bump ahead, she tripped and fell..
Oh my! Why so stupid.. was she blind?

He walked ahead, She walked behind..
His pace too fast, she missed a turn..
Oh what a pity!  Her way ahead she couldn't find..

To walk ahead, to walk behind..
She's thinking hard, but she can't decide..
Fuzzy in the head.. A muddle of confusion in her poor mind!

When behind, whether to run to catch his pace..
She's wondered - Or if she had more sense..
When ahead, not to keep looking back at his face!

Confused she is, and yes she can't decide..
For where her heart is, her mind not rules..
Don't lead, Nor follow, He says - come walk by my side..

And he held her hand, together they walked..
No trips No fall, No turns she missed..
Merry all through the journey - They chatted and talked..

Till the road went straight and so did they..
Ahead but came a turn, two ways left and right..
They paused and wondered - Where to? Which way?

Right went right into the sea, Left left straight for the sky..
Where to, which way - they wondered, they argued ..
He was born to swim.. Oh but, She'd longed to fly..

For she no longer knew to fly alone.. to follow nor lead..
Sink she must, or to swim she tries..
But her heart's isn't here.. or is it only 'here' that her heart is  indeed?

Lead n follow, hand in hand, only fairies in tales tell..
A rosy beginning.. through a tough middle..
Oh but only in tales all is well.. For it always ends as 'well'..

She wishes not to follow, not to guide nor lead..
Nor to trot holding his finger..
His faith she moves with.. Not his push she needs..

He swims through his waters.. She soars.. She flies..
For her heart is just in him.. And for forever be indeed..
No sooner than later they meet - When she rains from the skies..

And thats how they lived happily ever after!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Disclaimer: The poem is a simple outburst of emotion, All characters are a figment of my imagination, any resemblance to anyone living or dead is almost co-incidental.. ;)

Silent night, holy night,
All is calm, All is bright.
Shepherds hear the Cows and Bulls sing,
Alleluia, Hail our King!
A brand new saviour is born..
Oh, yet another saviour is born!

'Buddha of now' - he's calls himself by the name,
Habits though wild, At heart he's tame..
Simple living - low needs, low standards and taste,
High thinking - Fly around the moon with bats, this land is a waste.
But coz his task is to bless and heal the mankind,
He lives like a mortal, killing mice, putting all his wishes behind..

Carefully if you saw, round his face even the 'Halo' is there,
Only coz he's different, its not light but hair!
That 'distinguished' appeal, that sparkle in his eyes..
Long kurtas, Wealthy paunch - that look of the intellectuals and the wise!
An aura of divinity around him, holy chants always filling the air..
Buuurrrrrrp.. Grrrunnttt.. Gloaaaaat.. Yaawwwwnnn.. Bbuurrrpppp.. cant you hear!

Mastered words ten of marathi, Hindi even few..
But my friend, a holy soul needs no language to speak to you!
Compassionate at heart, Love all women and 'men' alike..
Looks that of a hero, when he rides his bike!
Those wits unmatched, humor funnier than funny..
That charm that gives every 'uppi', a run for his money!

Blessed is our man, and so are we..
For in his heavenly company, we get to be..
For a lesson or two on life even we can learn,
Purify our lives, have our sins undone..
But all said and done, A mind gifted only to the very few..
And in my most humble words, thats Dhadi for you!

With love to Dhadi.. :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Li'l-Naughty-Rattie sat in a cage in the wall..
The Li'l-Naughty-Rattie knew it all..
It laughed seeing me almost on my toes to reach it..
Ha Ha Ha.. Girl if only you were a bit more inches tall!

It looked at me through the corner of its eye..
I smiled back stupidly - 'just wanted to say a Hi!'
I lifted up the wire rack - 'Dude lets be friends..'
But it knew where it was going.. and where it ends!

It puffed up its chest.. and lifted up its chin..
Showed back a thumb to me - 'get back to from whereever you've been!'
'But I was just being nice - my heart is clear..
I mean no harm.. why do you fear?'

But the Li'l-Naughty-Rattie from up the cage in the wall..
Was smart and sharp.. and he knew it all..
'Ok if you insist - we could talk it out..
But hang on a minute - let me settle my doubt..'

'Friends?' I said, a handshake was a good beginning I thought..
Boy, this is easy - atleast easier than it ought..
But as soon the hand was stretched out for a shake..
Out of fear I guess.. the hand went back in a wake!

No not the Rattie.. it was me who was scared!
It was standing there happily.. while I was shivered and feared..
But its so tiny, what could it do afterall..
C'mon be brave - its hardly 6 inches - you're atleast 5 feet + (nothing at all!)

So with new guts and zeal - lets make a fresh start..
Gentle is what you've got to be - its a skillful art!
C'mon Li'l Rattie lets go out for a walk..
May be over a cup of tea.. we could talk!

It puffed up its neck.. and raised high its nose...
Smelling my hand it was, me clueless 'Is this how it goes?'
'Hey what do you think of yourself dude - I have had a clean bath n fresh air!
What makes you doubt.. cant you smell the 'Davidoff' in there?'

And am sure it did, for it jumped a bit..
leaped on happily to my arm - Wow! The davidoff was a hit!
Only if I knew what it had on its mind..
From my arm onto my shoulder.. and it leaped behind!

All right Li'l Rattie enough games for the day..
Lets be done with you - and get this out of the way..
As I ran behind it.. here and there like a jet did it sway..
As If a game of hide-n-seek we were meant to play..

And from behind the bench.. stickin out its toungue..
It smirked and laughed at me - showed me a thumb!
'Now thats not done - have all you've been taught is to behave this way?'
As i grabbed it by the tail.. in air did it sway..

I cuddled it gently.. my dear I mean no harm..
And it sat their Quiet (finally) on my arm..
I think its heart melted for it smiled and stretched out a hand..
As I shook it with mine.. right into my palm did its sharp claw land!

'Ouch! That hurt', "M sorry - that wasnt meant -
If i knew it before - Some of your anaesthesia.. to you would i have lent!
So that even if I digged it in and drew out blood in weil,
Not a penny of pain - would you ever feel!

Or feel you would - but wouldn't be able to shriek or say..
For am not sure which of the senses does that dose take away!"
'I Think we've had enough chatting for a day..
More later may be.. '- Into its cage I put it away.,,

The Li'l-Naughty-Rattie was back in its cage on the wall..
If Science is our aim, If noble is our call..
The least I guess I can do - be warm and nice..
To hurt A little less - my rat and mice..

For if I were to be he. And you were to be me..
Though may be even if your point I'd be able to see..
But knowing that though lovingly - what you were going to do..
Am sure my dear - I wouldn't be exactly 'nice' to you!

So next time to my Li'l-Naughty-Rattie , n all rat n mice..
The least I'll do is be gentle all sweet and nice..
Poke down the needle gently.. without hurt or hit..
Dont worry my friend - This is going to hurt.. just a Li'l bit!

In a far away land where no one goes...
Is a li'l building of which almost none knows...
I'd tell you the way.. if you really wana get there...
Warn your pocket I must.. darn heavy is the fare!

And even if you're sure you're rich enough...
I also must warn you.. that the journey is tough...
You ought to be brave and have the strength to fight...
For you'll find all rickshaws' way too polite!

Well, if smart you are you wont mind their glare...
Just a few rude beans spilled here and there...
Pay them twice the worth.. n softly if you plead...
Am sure they'll help you in this hour of need...

Though the journey is fun.. through the traffic and blare...
And later than sooner you'd find yourselves there...
And if you're scratching your head wondering if the address is right...
For all you can see looks like a forest till far in the sight!

Smile my friend.. for the hardest part is done...
Just hit the road staright.. and head out for the fun...
Tread where the roads leads.. only keep your eyes open wide...
Else you'll miss those 'li'l' signboards hidden somewhere in the side...

And you might just take a turn wrong or two...
And if that happens then good Lord help you!
Ah! smart you are.. you'll call me up and seek the way...
And anyways you're almost there hardly a few metres away...

Lets not waste more time hunting.. your Phone you better seek...
How I wish you could use it.. only if the signal wasn't so weak...
If you're lucky enough a few more wrong turns may accidently lead you right...
Or you'd spot a holy soul somewhere close in the sight...

And if you're luckier still.. a li'l more than kannada will he know...
And if you tell him the place he'll tell you where to go...
Oh! dint I tell you name? I thought i had...
NCBS.. Right there you see it.. Aint you glad?

Yes you are.. for now not trees and bushes in front of ur eyes...
This elegant grey building stands - indeed a pleasant surprise!
And i'll let you marvel.. for its not just a pretty sight...
But also post the 'adventourous travel' - a huge respite!

And it only gets better when with a pleasant smile...
The guard at gate assures that its indeed the place you've been hunting for all this while!
So there you are in a faraway land where no one goes...
In this Li'l building of which almost no one knows...

If the travel's tired you out you could rest a bit...
All right, I'll go on with my talking.. but only since you insist!
Much different from the untamed wild bushes outside...
Everything in here is a pleasing sight...

Neatly cobbled paths.. intricately with pebbles are lined...
A trip or two you might risk.. but for their sheer beauty you dont really mind!
And mind it.. to make it look the way it is - much a fuss they do...
Such obsession for cleaning I've seen in places quite few...

From every li'l window - to every ledge - every door...
Every bit from the ceiling to the wall to the floor...
They clean and mop and sweep and wipe and shine...
Even the leaves of all those plants you saw placed in line...

Not a twig on the gardens that you can see in the view...
Except for those that just fell... they couldnt help those few...
Oh! and did you see the pond.. (well technically a ditch you could call)...
But nevertheless its pretty.. got pretty kingfishers and lilies after all!

As nice is it indoors.. the hostel takes you by even more a surprise...
No scrape falling off the walls.. it took me a while to believe my eyes...
A room neat and cozy.. even a bathroom's attached...:)
And its all for you.. its not just comfort - a luxury unmatched!

So pleasant is the stay.. and you've all that you want...
As long as something from the market you do not demand!
Now that's a li'l tricky.. for all this made you forget...
All the fun on the way ypu had.. before here did you get...

For the way out - is just the same as that came in...
Only now you dont have to be brave and the dangers are thin...
There is no worry about arguements with auto uncles' for one...
Coz inside here.. even if you really wished for.. you will still find none!

Anyway.. By the time you crib and complain and make a fuss...
You realize that its time for the next shuttle bus...
And for they are good with time.. hurrying.. you better be...
Or for another hour you'd be waiting.. sipping coffee or tea!

And though now even though you may have time enough...
To chat a li'l more.. and have me tell you a li'l more stuff...
For all in good.. I'd better make my way...
For I was here to do better than chatter through the day...

Though its rude I know to abruptly end a conversation like this...
But then i've already told you all.. did something i miss?
Ah yes! We do science.. but that i thought you already knew...
For you'd know its the place to be if you loved biology too...

And if you dont then you'll anyways never feel the real fun...
Of being in this faraway land visited by none...
Its not the luxury, the beauty and the comfort thats the treat...
But the quality of brains that here you meet...

The spirit to question and the oppurtunity in hand...
To feast your urge.. fend for yourselves what you wana understand...
All that that is known.. and even that that is not...
U've got all the means if the enthusiasm you've got...

And dont you get me wrong it isn't roses all the way...
To think with reason and logic.. Is no trivial work for a day...
That elegance in thought.. the eye to see what is seen by few...
Is what amazes me most.. wonder if it mystifies you too...

And that's all i wana take home - the ability to question.. to see the logic through...
And may be if am lucky.. to fetch an answer too!
And for they say when oppurtunity knocks at your door...
I'd now better be going before it waits no more...

For even though the best of scientists are the most creative at heart...
And its all about ideas be it science or art...
And imagination and the power to think is all they take...
A 100 line poem does not eventually a 'scientist' make!